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1012 - St.Marys

Mi querida isleña se queja a veces de que las traducciones de mis recuerdos no son suficientemente buenas, que por el camino se pierden gran parte de los detalles que he vivido, y después de pensarlo mucho, creo que ha llegado la hora de escribir un primer y único recuerdo en inglés. Haré la excepción de renunciar a mi lengua materna para que pueda entender lo especial del día de hoy, acto que espero que me recompense con su estudio de español.

Thanks to my current job and a handful of lucky events, I ended up down south, where the old forest ends and the sea starts. Today I woke up in a city named Southampton. Not the prettiest of cities, neither one of the biggest, but with all its peculiarities I must say there is something captivating about it.

Not far away from our hotel, a special stadium stands as a symbol of prosperity. A brick and metal monument where a very special Championship team fights every couple of weeks. A white and red striped team that has been sponsored by one of the brands I have worked with, and part of that working relationship, has gotten me dressed up like football player and scoring goals in the grass of St.Marys.

Many know, specially my dear islander, that football and architecture are some of my passions. Passions that every now and then collide in a very specific moment, in this case, a beautiful stadium which as far as I remember is one of the most special ones I have ever seen. A stadium I can proudly say I have played in.

I would be lying if I did not admit that scoring goals under the empty red wall of seats did not make me feel special. A part of me was imagining those thousands of seats filled with people in a red and white striped shirt. A part of me wishes that was true.

Today at St.Marys I experienced one of the most unique life events of my life. A true dream come true. A dream where my passions got together, and with every goal I scored, a detail of the stadium was forever engraved in my memory.

Lunes 20 de mayo de 2024

Southampton, Reino Unido

Recuerdo #1012

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